Yiwu Railway

The new-built Yiwu train station can accommodate 3000 people. From which you can go to Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou, Ningbo , Shenzhen g, Wenzhou , Changsha, Nanjing, Hefei, Nanchang ect.

Yiwu Train Station Ticket Offices:
138 Chezhan Road Tel:85522987
2, District E, Binwang Market Tel: 85548187
29 Huangyuan Road
3, District H, Futian Market

Yiwu Railway Pictures

Yiwu Railway station  

Yiwu Railway station Yiwu railway station offers ticket hall, waiting room, private dining rooms and other lines, has a passenger train line sending and receiving 5, 500-meter-long platform 3, Yiwu Railway Station has beautiful steel canopy. Enclosed bridge connecting the waiting hall and station, passengers using the station tunnel, the station is located in the west side of the basement. Ticket hall: area 1135.1 square meters, is located east of the station house, equipped with central air conditioning, 24 ticket windows, you can apply for Information, Visa, refund, booking tickets and other services; sale of the national railway network within 10 days of booking tickets between stations . More...

Yiwu Train Schedule  

With a complete train schedule with the right departure and arrive time, you can choose the right class for your travle in yiwu. More...

yiwu arrival Train Times  

For your information, below is the time-table from different cities to Yiwu,including Shanghai to yiwu, Hangzhou to yiwu, Shaoxing to yiwu, Ningbo to yiwu, Wenzhou to yiwu , Beijing toyiwu etc.More...

Yiwu departure Train Times  

For your right schedule,below is the time-table from Yiwu to different cities. including Yiwu to Shanghai ,Yiwu to Hangzhou , Yiwu to Shaoxing , Yiwu to Ningbo , Yiwu to Wenzhou ,Yiwu to Beijing etc.More...
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