the best way from Hangzhou to Yiwu

By fast speed train
1)Following are the departing times of the high speed trains from Hangzhou Railway Station to Yiwu
D193 East Station departing time: 03:50 arriving time: 04:36
D685 East Station departing time: 08:47 arriving time: 09:40
D191 East Station departing time: 10:54 arriving time: 11:40
D95 departing time: 12:37 arriving time: 13:25
D665 departing time: 14:37 arriving time: 15:25

The fast speed train from Hangzhou to Yiwu can't be reserved so you have to buy it when you reach the railway station. Usually, there is no need to book it in advance since you could get the ticket directly from the ticket window.

By bus:
There are buses from 07:00 to 19:10 every 15 minutes from Hangzhou South Bus Station to Yiwu Binwang Passenger Transport Center.

By taxi:
We could arrange a taxi to pick you up from the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport to Yiwu and the fee is RMB 800.

How to get to the Hangzhou Railway Station from Hagnzhou Xiaoshan Airport?


After you reach Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, you could take the direct bus at the airport to the Hangzhou Railway Station. The ticket price is 15RMB.  The first one is at 7:30 and the interval between two buses is 15-30 minutes.


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