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The downtown traffic in Yiwu is very convenient. You can take taxi or take bus to the place you want, either the factory or the commodity market. The flag down fare in Yiwu is 8 Yuan(including 3 yuan Bunker Adjustment Factor). If you are a carpool, you can get a more inexpensive price. For your reference, it will take you about 40 yuan from Yiwu new-built train station to Commodity Market by taxi, but if you share a taxi with others, it will be 10-20 yuan cheaper.


The other way to take a travel in Yiwu is by bus. Yiwu bus can take you everywhere you would like to, such as the commodity market, hotel, trading company or factory you want to visit. Below is part of Yiwu Traffic e for your reference.



If you choose some star hotels, you can enjoy preferential treatment to be picked up freely at some fixed time at the right place in the International Trade Mart.


Buses in Yiwu new-built train station:
Bus 801: Yiwu International Trade Mart to Yiwu train station
Bus 802: Dongzhou Garden to Yiwu train station
Bus 803: Nanfang Coach Station to Yiwu train station
Bus 804: Shankou to Yiwu train station
Bus 805: Jiangdong Coach Station to Yiwu train station


Buses for visit to Yiwu International Trade Mart:
Bus Y101: The new Administrative Service Center to Yiwu International Trade Mart
Bus Y102: Civil Aviation Airport( Qingxi) to Yiwu Internaitonal Trade Mart
Bus Y103: Bus loop of Yiwu International Trade Mart  ( You can take a wonderful and exactly visit around the International Trade Mart for you different needs)

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