Yiwu Xiuhu square

Xiuhu square lies in the center of Yiwu City , which is the largest green square.
As Yiwu River is the mother river of Yiwu, Xiuhu Park plays an important role in people's life the secod mother of Yiwu River.

Not only the ancient people , but also the people of today, everyone prefers to enjoy the beautiful landscape of willows, water lily, boat, gull, pagoda and bell tower. Xiuhu Eight Sceneries, which make lots of tourists’ crazy, have been the pride of Yiwu people.

Today's Xiuhu Park is rebuilt on the original place basing on the old pagoda with the topic of Xiuhu Eight Sceneries. It is built with China landscape technique according to the natural characteristics.
Walk into the park and you will find Da'ansi Pagoda of old style, Museum of People's Residence, Song Style Pavilion, Ming Style Corridor, old stone bridge and boats. Now Xiuhu Park, a wonderful place for people to have a walk and relaxation, has been a model of new city parks in Yiwu.
Archaized Building in old Chinese style sets up in Xiuhu Park     An Aerial View of Yiwu Xiuhu Park

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