Yiwu park

Yiwu Xiuhu square  

Yiwu Xiuhu square Xiuhu square lies in the center of Yiwu City , which is the largest green square. As Yiwu River is the mother river of Yiwu, Xiuhu Park plays an important role in people's life the secod mother of Yiwu River. More...

Green Corridor along Yiwu River  

Yiwu park Along each bank of Yiwu River, a green corridor of 18 km, with carpet-like lawn contrasted with colorful flowers and green trees, forms a splendid landscape pricture scroll with clean water. It is a good place for you after work. More...

Yiwu Diaoyuji Park  

When you go down to the south along Yiwu River, you will reach a park called Diaoyuji Park at the end of the Green Corridor. As built according to the hill features, this park arrears quite natural, causal and harmonious. More...

The First Wetland Park in Yiwu  

The First Wetland Park in Yiwu People in Yiwu have another good place for leisure vacation and exercise now. Yiwu Futian Wetland Park realizes the dream of Yiwu people to enjoy the original natural beauty in Yiwu, the breeze, reeds and the gaggle of ducks. More...
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