Yiwu Dishui Cliff

Located in Suxi, Dishui Cliff is the uprising apices with strange stones. A Buddha, carved from a big rock, of 7.5m high and 7.3m wide, can be found in one of the many temple in this scenic zone.

Many steps above, there is a temple with sculptures of Hu Ze and Zong Ze, a famous officer of Song Dynasty against Jin Army. Go up on, you will find a temple called Mi Lef in which a Buddha, carved from a big rock, of 7.5 meters high and 7.3 meters diameter of its waist. On each side of temple, there is a Burman jade Buddha. These two Buddhas were originally presented to Fahua Temple in Yueqing Grom the Burman Buddhism. When the abbot of Fahua Temple got to know Dishui was a beautiful place and had a potential prosperity, he gave his present to this temple. The jade buddhas ae of high quality, smooth and bright, which also shows the technology of carving was great.

Twenty meters above the Mi Le Temple is teaching cabin, which was built to memorize Shi Yi’aom a scholar of Yuan Dynasty once teaching here, A pavilion called Jingshang(meaning enjoying the scene) is just beside the cabin. Step about 10 meters up, you will reach the top. A pagoda of seven stories stands here. Tourists may enjoy all kinds of carves as you go upstairs along the steps in the pagoda. There are also corridors round it on each story for you to look over Suxi Town.

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