Yiwu Diaoyuji Park

Built according to the hill features, Diaoyuji Park has red flowers and green trees, accompanied with an ancient tower—Feng Tower. This park appears quite natural, casual and harmonious.

When you go down to the south along Yiwu River, you will reach a park called Diaoyuji Park at the end of the Green Corridor. As built according to the hill features, this park arrears quite natural, causal and harmonious.

The sound of spring water flowing from the hill enters your ears when you walk into this park. The water runs beneath a bridge of ancient style into Yiwu River.

Walk along the stone steps, at about 50th step, you will find a cross, one direction upstairs, the other downstairs, and many tress of big and small. If you go upstairs, a stone tablet with three Chinese characters” Diao Yu Ji” will appear before you. There characters show great power with a unyielding spirit.

At the top of the hill, a pavilion of old style stands there welcomes you to have a rest and enjoy the cool wind. A few steps ahead, a pagoda of many hundreds of years old called “ Yifeng” stands there. The pagoda with its scars around and Yiwu River running besides are witness the history of Yiwu.

Standing at the base of pagoda, you can catch the whole view of Yiwu City and the Green Corridor of Yiwu River.

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