ShenTan Village

Comrade Feng Xuefeng is a well-known proletarian literature and art theorist, writer and poet, one of the three contemporary writers in Yiwu. As the hometown of senior revolutionary, the Village of Shentan (altar) is rich in patriotic education material. A great number of senior revolutionary and officials nationwide come to pay respect to the place.

The village is the hometown of senior revolutionary Feng Xuefeng and Feng Zhixiang, who had taken part in the Long March. The village is one of Zhejiang Province’s places in culture relics preservation, one of the first batch of patriotic education bases in Yiwu, and of the first batch of civilization villages in Yiwu. It has only over 50 households and more than 170 citizens. The Feng Xuefeng’s former residence is a two-storey courtyard house of wooden structure and was built in 1904. The floorage is over 580 square meters. The house is in good repair and has complete supporting facilities. There is inscription by former General Secretary Hu Yaobang in the former residence. Premier Zhu Rong wrote for the tomb monument of Feng Xuefeng. It sets aside a fixed exhibition room and some rooms for receiving audience. It has beautiful surroundings. It is included in the local planning for spiritual civilization construction. With the support of the Party committees and governments of higher ranks and the society, it has a set of audio-visual material of Feng Xuefeng’ life, a complete heritage, articles and pictures on display. It has a sound organization and efficient workers, a strict standard for displaying and maintaining exhibition goods, and a fire safety management system. It carries out a variety of patriotic education activities to facilitate patriotic education of members of China Communist Party and Communist Youth League and students. It takes the initiative to get contact with companies, Communist Youth Leagues, trade unions and offer moral education on a regular basis.

Shentan is a beautiful village with simple folk. Xuefeng’s diligent and studious spirit is representative and typical and can fully reveals the characteristics of Zhejiang and Yiwu. It receives tens of thousands visitors every year.

In September 2005, Yiwu Feng Xuefeng’s Former Residence won the title of “Zhejiang Province’s Classic Red Tourism Scenic Spot for Youth” from the provincial committee of the Communist Youth League and the Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau.


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