Huaxi Forest Park

A beautiful natural area consisting of a huge reservoir and mountain trail a stone’s throw away from Yiwu City . A perfect example of a central sub-tropic, broad leafed evergreen forest including high diversities of tree and plant species plus Camphor trees and bamboo. The park covers an area of some 18.2 square kilometres.
The park’s relative closeness to large urban areas makes it very popular with locals and visitors alike but in the winter months you can feel as if you have it largely to yourself. Popular activities include fishing, camping and having barbeques (in designated areas within restaurants). Wildlife you may see includes toads, wild pigs and freshwater crabs.

After entering the park by car there are opportunities to park next to the reservoir after a steep drive. Moving on to the beginning of the nature trail involves driving on a road to the left of the reservoir which is abundant in sharp twists and turns. Lots of money has been invested in providing road signs warning of bends and mirrors, It is worthwhile keeping your speed right down and using your horn to further minimize safety risks. On arrival at the white farmhouse style building you will find space to park in the restaurant car park. There are some super spots to grill and eat right next to a mountain stream. Follow the nature trail on from here, passing a bamboo plantation and farmhouse/temple building on your right until you see this sign a wooden sign.

Taking the path straight on will take you up and past some amazing water falls. Follow the path up the steep steps through this mystical landscape. There is a really beautiful seating area to admire the view and take rest before walking up through the forest vegetation to the summit where this is an isolated Buddhist temple. Then follow the steps down the mountain to complete the loop. Allow at least about two and a half hours to do the loop taking into account time for resting, admiring the scenery and taking photographs. Please note that after in rains the mountain streams that weave in and out of the footpath can flood up to 30-60cm approximately so it’s worth having contingency plans for wet footwear.

Last year some 100 visiting Koreans collected rubbish throughout the park as a way of saying thank you to the district of Yiwu which has provided them fertile ground in which to trade.

The Park opens at 7am and if you stay late you can let your self out. Dotted around the park are rubbish bins which are very useful.


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