Yiwu’s Famous Food Streets

Arguably, the most delicious food in Yiwu is the folk cuisine along the city’s many streets and lanes. With the connecting of markets in Yiwu, various food streets emerged one after another, attracting visitors from all over the country. Here’s your guide to five of Yiwu’s most delicious and eclectic culinary streets.

Night Food Market on Santing Road  

Night Food Market on Santing Road Santing Road is famous in Yiwu for its night food market. The market not only cooks up casseroles, brochette, congee, duck head and booth fried dishes, but also sells a random assortment of clothes, shoes and knick knacks. Getting there: Bus: No.1More...

Ximen Food Street  

Ximen Food Street There are many distinctive restaurants around the Ximen Street, especially Sichuan restaurants with Yiwu characteristics. Special foods such as Spicy Crayfish, Stinky Tofu, Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili, and various noodles are all recommended.More...

Seafood Street  

Seafood Street Near the Yiwu Public Square, there are over ten Seafood Restaurants along an unremarkable alley. As lobsters here are all fresh, big and delicious, with guaranteed quality and quantity, their reputation has spread far and wide. More...

Huagong Road Food Street  

A tasty array of authentic Yiwu snacks can be found on Huagong Road. Specialties include roasted dumpling, small lobsters, steamed chicken wings, Donghe meat cake etc. – all of them are worth tasting More...
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