the Arabian Night Restaurant

  The Arabian Night Restaurant located in Binwang commercial trade area of Yiwu City is the most beautiful landscape of Yiwu City .It is striking to eyes no matter from any direction . It is of convenient traffic and takes only 15 minutes to reach here on foot from train station or long distance bus stop . The golden location plus the unique decoration make Arabian Night Restaurant spectacular.
  The outer design of the restaurant is unique with typical national style . The first and second floor of the six-storied building tis designed to the shop of an ancient Arabian castle.Each floor has five small arch windows concealed in the wall when looking from the face and left and right side under the window is decorated wit h wall lamp . The neon lamp with three languages of Arabian ,English and Chinese shines with wall lamp . In the night,lamps are shining just like the castle in desert to attract the people.
The internal decoration style of the restaurant is generally consistent with that of Beijing and Shanghai . with elaboration in the force . The first floor of the restaurant is the area with no smoking or liquor drinking . quite and elegant . The second floor has a stage and various drinks . It is a full house in the night with warm atmosphere to relive the fatigue of whole day . While the environment and service here is star quality ,the price is reasonable.The taste is genuine with special price dish every day.The Arabian Night Restaurant not only continues with the cultural detail of silk Road But also has created the outstanding cate culture.Combined barbeque mixes a dozen of roasts with jumping lemon fire-ball . Delicious taste and pretty color shows the enthusiastic air,suitable for dinner get together hommos is one of the typical dish provid . It mixes Hommos bean produced in Arabian states with sesame paste and a dozen of Arabian seasonings in the machine with olive oil and french caraway .It is so delicious with attracting smell . All dishes here features with Arabian style that one can hardly wait to taste .If the ancient Sanglu created the fairy world,the current "Arabian night" pioneered another miracle .Stepping into Arabian Night Restaurant is just like entering the crystal dream world . The construction style of ancient Arabian palace makes you flabbergasted at the magnificence of Arabian buildings . Decoration inside the restaurant from the small accouterment on Table to big suspending arch roof embodies the fresh air of a remote culture .Just listening to the Arabian music of national style,breathing the delicious taste of Arabian coffee ,appreciating the Arabian dance by the beautiful girls......
  The felling the sight brings you to indefinite daydream and cast the life annoyance to Arabian state faraway.
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