Dio Coffee

“Let’s meet at the Dio Coffee that we always go to!” If you hear a foreigner saying this in Yiwu, then you can be sure that he is pointing to the Dio Coffee in the Futian Market of Yiwu Guoji Shangmao Cheng area. The coffee and cake selection that’s on offer here is quite original European fare and the fact that it also employs English speaking staff makes this a popular spot for the Western expats of the city.

Since 80% of customers are foreign traders, the selection of coffees is very large in order to cater to the many different tastes, varying from staples such as espresso and cappuccino to more exotic varieties such as Bella Vista and Ethiopia Sidamo. Apart from coffees, the café also offers simple Western and Chinese dishes.

Dio Coffee
Add: Unit 1-3, Bldg 2, Guoji Shangmao Cheng Catering Area, Yiwu
Tel: 0579 8525 2525/0579 8599 3456


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