B Shore Coffee

B Shore Coffee is the biggest coffee chain store in Yiwu with 10 shops scattered around town. The coffee served here is pure Italian style with a selection of espresso, latte, cappuccino, mocha, macchiato and con panna. To ensure the quality and original taste of the coffee, both coffee beans and machinery are imported from Italy. Apart from coffee, the café also serves up a range of sweets as well as simple Western and Chinese food.

B Shore Coffe Shop 1
Add: 8 Binwang Shgangmao Qu Er Jie, Yiwu
Tel: 0579 8527 7001
Opening hours:09:00-02:00

B Shore Coffe Shop 2
Add: 112 Danxi Bei Lu, Yiwu
Tel:0579 510 0300

B Shore Coffe Shop 3
Add: 33 Binwang Shgangmao Qu San Jie, Yiwu
Tel: 0579 555 1588


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