EtonHouse Yiwu opened on February 2008 for children aged 2 to 13 (N1 through Y8) with 9 students. We have 2 departments within the school:

Bilingual Kindergarten Chinese and expat students aged 2 -6 years old

International Department: Expat children aged 3-13 years old
Located in the prime area of Danxi 3rd District, the school is surrounded by housing estates, beautiful parks and greenery. Within our relatively small, family orientated environment, we at EtonHouse Yiwu strive to provide a truly international standard education in this diverse and multi-cultural environment. We encourage parent involvement and welcome visitors to our school so they can see first-hand why our students enjoy their school so much. We believe it is important to know the children and their parents well in order to establish a bridge of communication that is so vital to building good relationships within a school.


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