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Outpatient Service for Foreigners in Yiwu Chouzhou Hospital
    In order to supply convenient, quick and high-efficient medical environment for foreigners, a foreigner outpatient department is founded in Yiwu Chouzhou hospital. There is a doctor who can speak both Chinese and English in this department. Foreigners can see a doctor without interpreters from now on.

    Opening this department is to conform to the needs of the social economy’s fast development and the self-development of the hospital. According to the statistics of the outpatients of our hospital, there are more than 4000 foreigner patients every year on an average and the number is increasing. This new department not only improves the foreigner’s clinical situation, but also makes their treatment procedure more standardized.

    This foreigner outpatient department is founded on the basic of the idea of “human nature-service”.

    1. Voluntary to be a VIP. You can apply for being the VIP of our department basing on your own will. The VIP has the preference of seeing a doctor without registration in advance.

    2. Making an appointment of the clinical time. For the sake of saving your time, you can make an appointment in advance by telephone. If necessary we will provide “one patient-one expert” treatment pattern.

    3. Free interpreter. In our hospital, you needn’t to take an interpreter together. The doctor in our department will accompany you for the whole treatment course as a translator.

    4. Making a healthy record for you. After finishing the medical treatment, if you agree, we will keep the medical card, all the examination reports for you and make a healthy record. Next time you come to our hospital for the further consultation, you will not have to bring anything.

    5. Paying a return visit by telephone. After you leaving our hospital, we will choose your free time to pay a return visit to you by telephone asking about your recovering condition. You can also seek healthy advices from us.


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