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Yiwu installs building materials exposition

Yiwu installs building materials exposition

About Yiwu installs building materials exposition

Since the reform and opening policy, Yiwu has resolved to execute the development strategy of Building the City by Prospering Commerce unswervingly, using the commodity industry as a leader to drive regional economy, and become a large market city and strong economy city from a traditional agricultural small county.

Today, Yiwu appears a prosperous scene with a flourishing market, developing economy and steady society. The commodity industry has been leading industry in the regional economy. Currently, the Yiwu commodity market possesses an area of 1.5 million sq.m. and has 40,000 stores, collects 28 categories and about 200,000 varieties of daily goods. Throughput is nearly 10,000 tons, market business volume is on top of the nationwide large special markets for 12 successive years, and has been granted the unique market title of being one that ‘pays attention to quality’, and ‘keeps promises’ by the State Quality Supervisory Inspection and Quarantine General Bureau. Furthermore, the Yiwu market has been an international commodity distribution center and the important base for foreign merchants to purchase commodity.

The following merits of Yiwu has contributes a lot to the success of Installs Building Materials Expo:

 ** Unique market advantage:

     Yiwu China Commodity City - the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market, the market has a business area of 2,600,000 square meters, commercial spaces 58,000, a collection of 410,000 kinds of commodities. One of two District International Trade City market, Yiwu city decoration, materials, Yiwu market, Yiwu furniture market, yiwu trading center, such as solar power group constitutes a major market in Zhejiang Province Home The largest category of the market, the National Home of the biggest markets in the world.

     ** Strong international and domestic trade:

     From Yiwu has more than 100 countries and regions, more than 10,000 foreign permanent, day 20 million passengers; at home and abroad more than 4,000 well-known enterprises in the market to establish the total distribution agant in Yiwu, more than 1000 foreign-related enterprises, standard container exports to Japan 2500, exported to 215 countries and regions.

     ** Huge consumer groups:

     Yiwu more than 70 million permanent population, foreign population of nearly 1.1 million, the financial institutions to deposit more than 1,000 billion yuan, strong private capital. In recent years, Yiwu city rapidly expanding scale, the new rural construction in full swing, this is the development of the industry for the Home will provide a broad market prospects.

     ** Strong Exhibition City:

     Yiwu has been named "Exhibition of China’s most potential city", "Exhibition of China’s most attractive city," "Exhibition of China’s most influential city." One of "Fair" has become the Canton Fair, China Trade Fair organized by Ministry of Commerce after the third-largest export commodity exhibition.



Yiwu installs building materials exposition

   Date:  2017.9.23-9.25 Venue:  Yiwu MeiHu exhibition center