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China crystal & glass industry fair

China crystal & glass industry fair

About China crystal & glass industry fair

World-famous Crystal Industry Base & Capital of China Crystals—Pujiang

Located in the middle Zhejiang province and neighboring Yiwu,Pujiang is an industrial clustering city with well-developed private economy and pioneering spirit.With a population of380,000 and an area of only 920 square kilometers,Pujiang features in crystal glasscraft and enjoys the highest market share (above 60% jin China).This industry has become the biggest crystal glass handicraft manufacturing and trading base and raw material distribution center in the world,gethering over1,200manufacturing enterprises and 1,000 dealers exploring markets in Pujiang,Yiwu and other places at home and abroad,In the year2003,it was renowned as “Capital of China crystals”by China National Light Industry Federration.

Golden Business City-Yiwu

Yiwu China Commodity City is the largest sonsumer goods market in the world.Covering a total business area of 2.6million square meters with over 58,000 booths and 200,000 business people,Yiwu market gathers 400,000 kinds of goods in 1,900 categories in 43 industries including arts&carfs,ornament,hardware,crystal and glass products etc.Daily customer flow resches 200,000 person each day.In the year 2006.Yiwu reached a market transaction volume of top of 41.8billion yuan,including3.15billion yuan accomolished by China Commodity City .Yiwu has been listed at the top of the industrial products wholesale markets in China for 16 successive years and has been claimed as the largest commodities wholesale market in the world by the Untied Nations and World Bank.Yiwu was entitled as one of the “2006 Top 10Exhibition Cities in China”in the 2006China exhibition industry annual selecting activity.

Exhibition Characteristics

With 440 exhibiting booths, the 2007 China Crystal& Artistic Fair(the 3rd) is attracting more than 300 exhibiting enterptises from 10 cities and provinces including Zhejiang,Jiangsu,Guangdong,Shanghai,Guangxi,and Hebei ,Some famous enterprises such as Agent of asfour Crystal,Yili Crystal ,Tiablong Crystal,appear in the Crysral & Artistic Fair,including 3,000 person times overseas buyers and over 150 purchasing groups.

By comparison,the 2008 China Crystal& Artistic Fair(the fourth ) is icing on the cake,the size of whole exposition has reached 1500,165 exhibiting enterprises,more than 400 exphibiting booths,visitors have reached 8.2 million,within 1.1 million professional audiences.The traveling merchants and trade missions,with come 63 countries such as the United States,Japan,Korea,Malaysia,Canada,Austria,Brazil and area of Hong Kong and Taiwan,has brought great opportunities for the Crystal exhibiting enterprises all over the country


China crystal & glass industry fair

   Date:  2017.10.21-10.25 Venue:  Yiwu International Expo Center