Yiwu Worship place


Situated in Yunhuang Mountain of Fotang Town, Shuanglin Temple was built in South Liang Dynasty (520 AD) and opened by Master Fu, senior bonze. It enjoyed the reputation of “No.3 in China, No.1 in Zhejiang & Jiangsu”. Shuanglin pagoda, which is a rare treasure of the temple, was built in 952 AD and said to be the oldest surviving iron pagoda in China. More...

The Christianity in Yiwu  

Situated in 237 Zongze East Road, Xin’en Church covers a total area of 9,132 square meters. The Gospel of Christ was evangelized to Yiwu in 1895, and a civil house was rented for meeting. The new church was started to build on 18 May 2000 and opened on 12 Dec. 2001. More...


Islam Islam was brought to Yiwu in 1985 by businessmen from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. As the trade and economic relations between Yiwu and Muslim countries and regions have developed fast in recent years, followers of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Middle East as well as from ethnic groups of China swarmed into Yiwu. In Nov. 2001, approved by Zhejiang Provincial Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee, Yiwu opened an Islam temporary mass activity spot. After four times’ transfer, the site is situated in Jiangbin West Road. More...
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