Islam was brought to Yiwu in 1985 by businessmen from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. As the trade and economic relations between Yiwu and Muslim countries and regions have developed fast in recent years, followers of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Middle East as well as from ethnic groups of China swarmed into Yiwu. In Nov. 2001, approved by Zhejiang Provincial Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee, Yiwu opened an Islam temporary mass activity spot. After four times’ transfer, the site is situated in Jiangbin West Road.

Though the only mosque in Yiwu City was built about 4 years ago, more than 7,000 Muslims come to worship there every week. And 60% of them are foreigners doing business in Yiwu. This number is even bigger than the largest mosque in Kashi of Xinjiang Province.

Dating back to 2000, there were only a total of 260 Muslims and 2 temporary venues for them to pray. The number of Muslins increased to 400 one year later. And introduced by China Muslim Association, Imam Ma came to the mosque in Yiwu. A great number of businessmen from the Middle East went to Yiwu to find business opportunities after attending Canton Fair in April, 2004. Thus, the number of Muslim led by Imam Ma reached more than 2000.


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