The Christianity in Yiwu

Situated in 237 Zongze East Road, Xin’en Church covers a total area of 9,132 square meters. The Gospel of Christ was evangelized to Yiwu in 1895, and a civil house was rented for meeting. The new church was started to build on 18 May 2000 and opened on 12 Dec. 2001.

Accumulative total of over 6000 person-time foreign businessmen and guests have been altogether received by New Grace Church, like a bright and beautiful window. More than 200 person-times over middle-level governmental leaders have come to inspect, direct and visit. Domestic guests have been about 87,000 person-times. This not only propagated and testified of the fruits of our country’s religion and faith freedom policy but also introduced and propagated Yiwu City , gave strength to Yiwu international trade city Construction, and got the praise and approval of the leaders in all levels. Our church also actively took part in the city creation and construction and public works such as helping the poor, handicapped and the disabled, especially for the elders respect and birthday activities, which are deeply appreciated by all the society.

So far, Yiwu Urban Christian Church has 19 meeting places, 3 pastors, 15 elders, 62 deacons, over 100 volunteers and 3000 believers.

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