Yiwu lala noodle

Yiwu lala noodle is famous on the Xinma road. A narrow road, some small shops, a few small square tables, so simple the noodle shops is, but people still have the appetite, there are always so many people dining all day long .

Yiwu lala noodle chooses the best white flour or northeastern flour which has good toughness, the dough is made by hand, and it is rubbed into a long thread as thick as a finger, and then pulled to the noodle thread one by one by hand. Therefore, it is featured by a uniform thickness, smoothness and softness, and elastic ability. Equipped with a variety of seasoning, T-bone steak noodles or Xuelihong pulled noodles, beef noodles, or vegetables noodles. Spend three, five or six yuan, you can enjoy a big bowl of Yiwu lala noodle with delicious taste you may never forget.

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