Qing Ming Guo

Around Qingming Festival every year, people used to eat Ching Ming Guo wrapped in a variety of shapes with a variety of fillings: sweet, salty, and also tasteless, sweet one savory, salty one fresh, and tasteless one is nicely wrapped, in one breath several can be swallowed.

The whole process of making Ching Ming Guo: boil a pot of water, and put washed wormwood into the pot, , the white fluffy wormwood rolls and jumps  in the boiling pot, not long it turns into a fresh new green look. Bail wormwood out from the pot, rub it into small bolus, squeeze off the water, and blend the crushed wormwood with rice flour (add in some oil and salt), resulting in a semi-dry dough. The dough looks like the surface of blue and white porcelain, while wormwood is like the green pattern under the surface. When Preparing fillings, brown sugar is for sweet filling, pickled shoots with minced meat is for salty filling. The dough is separated into smaller pieces, just a slight press will turn it into a thin round cake instantly, put stuffing in the middle, and then a pinch and a press will turn it into a Ching Ming Guo.

There is also printing mold for making Ching Ming Guo, mostly in rural areas, people make the cone-shaped grooves engraved on a slope with a meniscus-shaped texture, a press on it, the round Ching Ming Guo will be printed with beautiful lace.

The process of steaming is simple, put Ching Ming Guos in a steamer, watch the fire, and make sure it is not overheated. Some people like to eat hot Ching Ming Guo, while the cooler ones, the more you chew, the more delicious you will find it, just like coffee gets sweeter when you take your time tasting it, as no smoke and fire are allowed during Qingming festival for cooking, so eat cold food, just like ching Ming Guo seems to be justified.


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