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Qing Ming Guo  

Qing Ming Guo Around Qingming Festival every year, people used to eat Ching Ming Guo wrapped in a variety of shapes with a variety of fillings.it is a traditional festival in yiwu.More...

Brown Sugar  

Brown Sugar The reputation of Yiwu as the Town of Brown Sugar has spreadfor a long time. The brown sugar produced in Yiwu tastes soft and smooth, without any dregs.More...

Yiwu Ham  

Yiwu Ham Yiwu ham is one of the famous food in Yiwu City ,many people will take it back home to their friedns as a gift from Yiwu City .More...

Yiwu lala noodle  

Yiwu lala noodle Yiwu lala noodle is famous on the Xinma road. A narrow road, some small shops, a few small square tables, so simple the shop,but still many people like it.More...

Yiwu Long Life Noodle  

Yiwu Long Life Noodle long life noodle is a very famous food in yiwu ,it is very delicious so that many people like it.More...
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