Yiwu Intangible Cultural Heritage

According to“Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Our Country” (Guo Fa Ban [2005] No.18), theYiwu Municipal Government publicized successively two representative lists of intangiblecultural heritage and made great efforts to protect, manage and make use of the intangiblecultural heritage for its promotion and passage from generation to generation, with the aim toproper the cultural undertaking and speed up the construction of a city advanced in cultureand a harmonious society.

The first representative list of intangible cultural heritage in Yiwu City :

I. Plastic Arts (8 items):

 (I) Farmer’s Paintings (Choucheng Sub-district, Jiangdong Sub-district and Houzhai Sub-


(II) Baizi Lantern (Fotang Town)

(III) Paper-cutting (Chi’an Town, Shangxi Town and Suxi Town)

(IV) Kite (Niansanli Sub-district)

(V) Pottery (Yiting Town)

(VI) Root Art (Fotang Town, Chi’an Town and Niansanli Sub-district)

(VII) Clay Sculpture (Shangxi Town and Suxi Town)

(VIII) Embroidery (Suxi Town)

II. Performing Arts (9 items):

 (I) Dragon Lantern Dance

 (II) Human Pyramid (Dachen Town, Suxi Town and Niansanli Town)

 (III) Stile Dance (Houzhai Sub-district)

 (IV) Trotting Horse Lamp (Choucheng Sub-district and Chengxi Sub-district)

 (V) Yiwu Daoqing Opera (Jiangdong Sub-district and Chengxi Sub-district)

 (VI) Yiwu Flower Drum Opera (Yiting Town, Jiangdong Sub-district and Chengxi Sub-district)

 (VII) Story-telling with Small Gongs (Fotang Town and Shangxi Town)

 (VIII) Gong and Drum Performance Team

 (IX) Swing Parade Performance (Fotang Town)

III. Folk Customs (5 items)

 (I) Squeezing cane sugar juice by wooden machine driven by cattle (Yiting Town)

 (II) Wine-brewing with monascus

 (III) Zongze Ham

 (IV) Hugong Temple Fair

 (V) Parade Performance on Elevated Stage Lifted by Grown-ups (Fotang Town)

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