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Tesco Situated north of the city centre, adjacent to the new Danxi No.3 Residential Quarter, behind a local KFC. Opened on 18th Jan 2008. This large shopping complex houses not only Tesco but a range of smaller sized retail outlets like MetersBonwe, Disney etc. There are also a hair salon, a café restaurant, a bakery etc. Free parking at the side.More...

Century Shopping Centre  

 Century Shopping Centre "Central focus of shopping culture in the city. A huge mall underneath Yiwu’s Xiuhu Square encompassing three underground levels which contain a variety of retail stores, a chain supermarket called Trust-Mart and a car park. The mall is a magnet for a thriving population of shoppers. More...

Santing Road Night Market  

Santing Road Night Market Located on Santing Road in the Binwang Shang Mao Qu area. Wide range of products available including daily use items, clothes, accessories, bedding, street food, fruits, sweet and pets. Also services like street tailors, nail shops and tattoo parlors are dispersed throughout. It’s a bit like a mini retail version of the Yiwu wholesale market More...
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