Century Shopping Centre

Central focus of shopping culture in the city. A huge mall underneath Yiwu’s Xiuhu Square encompassing three underground levels which contain a variety of retail stores, a chain supermarket called Trust-Mart and a car park. The mall is a magnet for a thriving population of shoppers.

The first level contains various retail shops including major chains, ladies’ nail salons and many other shops include shoes, cosmetic, jewelry, clothes, bags & suitcases etc. There are a couple of restaurants include KFC, Winner Pizza and snack bars to enjoy.

The center of Old Yiwu is home to the Century Department Store and Xiuhu Square. These two large shopping centers sell a variety of clothing, cosmetics, handicrafts and other commodities. The surrounding streets also have a number of smaller shops, banks, restaurants and entertainment facilities.
Add: City Center, Yiwu

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