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In-depth market for the business sector to send the wind

In-depth market for the business sector to send the wind

Yiwu international trade city business households Gold Silver to fill in a market survey, solemnly wrote: market business sector is very satisfied with the services of the business operators. Gold France Silver commended the Yiwu Market , the business sector to pursue.

Since the beginning of this year, the China Commodity City Branch Trade and Industry to carry out "to send the wind" theme visited more than 50 cadres successively visited thousands of market traders, Yiwu Market , sent waves of "Wind", "convenience wind" The civilization Wind "......

Recently, in the face of the uncertainty of the international market, Yiwu market, some business operators feel the pressure of business. Market and Industry Branch, as close friends of the business operators, and promptly launched a training guide as the main carrier to send the wind activity. According to statistics, this year, organized by the Branch, including e-commerce, consumer protection rights, laws and regulations, the content of training more than 10 times, and repeatedly carried out for red wine, toys, apparel industry, one-on-one, hands-on guidance. Encourage business operators to actively explore the domestic market, innovative business ideas, take the road of creating brand creative, so that market operators have tasted the sweetness.

Business operators to develop the field of electronic commerce, Market and Industry Branch cadres are a lot of thought. On one hand, they contacted the senior staff of e-commerce professor of Beijing University and other educational institutions and business network, free classes for the various sectors of the business operators from time to time; the other hand, the depth of the credit system, developed its own Yiwu market dealers online credit evaluation system, the integrity of the market dealers to the construction of the field of electronic commerce and improve the credibility of the network business in Yiwu.

Visit activities, we found that the major difficulties of the business operators in these areas: First, the various types of costs, lower profit margins; is not enough good businesses reflect the venue for a lot of operating conditions, the warehouse also too far away, affecting the operational efficiency; markets around the ancillary facilities, such as parking, logistics, catering, health conditions have an impact on the business. "China Commodity City Branch Trade and Industry official said, in the face of business households these difficulties, the business sector will feedback to the relevant departments, to fight as soon as possible, to solve problems.

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