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The State Forestry Administration to actively support Yiwu to run the Fair

The State Forestry Administration to actively support Yiwu to run the Fair

The national forestry industry (CP) forum held in Wuhan. State Forestry Administration, development planning and capital management, deputy director of Sun Jian attended the meeting, he asked around the meticulous organization, and actively support the Yiwu to run the Fair will promote the development of the real economy through the exhibition economy, and promote the forestry industry to upgrade.

The forestry industry is a sunrise industry, enriching the industry, low carbon environmental protection industry. The past 10 years in the forestry industry in China has made amazing achievements, has emerged as the world forest products production, trade power, is ushering in the golden period of rapid development. Sun Jian pointed out that the forest products development services to continue to strengthen and make every effort to forest products exhibition economy. He believes that China Yiwu International Forest Products Exposition, Yichun forest products exposition, the cross-strait Forestry Expo China Lin intersection are forestry exhibition organized by the State Forestry Administration and the local provincial government, for now, are regional characteristics, but the size, content, effectiveness and influence, it can really become a national forestry Expo is the China Yiwu International forest products Exposition.

Sun Jian, said the State Council approved the Yiwu International Trade comprehensive reform of the overall program, make Yiwu build a national convention platform, bigger and stronger four brand exhibition, including forestry there is one, that is, the meaning of Wu Senbo will. He expressed the hope that the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, actively organization local Mingteyouxin forest products exhibitors, the organization has the strength of corporate and institutional participation, and support to run righteousness Fair will.

City Forestry Bureau took part in discussion. During the meeting, the Municipal Bureau of Forestry by the release of information, a typical exchange, visit the discussion and other forms of widely publicize and promote justice Fair will invited to attend the Fair to obtain tangible results.