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Zhejiang Yiwu vice mayor said the Indian businessman detained cases

Zhejiang Yiwu vice mayor said the Indian businessman detained cases

Since the beginning of this year, about the turmoil caused by the Indian businessman in Yiwu, Zhejiang, often found in newspapers, will also be Yiwu pushed to the front of the Sino-Indian economic and trade relations. As well as some people this question: Will this affect the Yiwu international trade market? May 30, the vice mayor of Yiwu Yong, a guest at the World Wide Web, he said in an interview that these commercial disputes only cases will not affect the Yiwu Market as a whole. Yong also noted that the core of the business integrity management is the solution to these problems.

Video: Yiwu, vice mayor said the Indian businessman disputes are cases
Source: World Wide Web
Yong said that the first commercial disputes only case, although do not want to see, however, can not be avoided. According to him, Yiwu annually exports more than 570,000 standard containers, the trade is very large, some problems are always inevitable. "There have been problems, we need to face it, solve it, not only to provide better services to the outside of legitimate operators, but also for domestic operators to provide better protection and services, so that they can more safely engage in trading activities, we need the government level to consider. "

Meanwhile, Yong also engaged in trade supplier, as well as foreign businessmen in Yiwu Market , are able to integrity in business, this is the most core elements to solve the problem.

From the entire surface of view, but personally I'd not too worried about Yiwu Market will be affected because of these cases, of course, the premise is that we want to do a good job. "Yong also pointed out.

It is understood that the first quarter of this year, India has become the largest export destination in the Yiwu market, with exports of $ 120 million. The past few years, Iran has been the largest export destination country in Yiwu, the first three months of the year, the Indian market more than Iran.

Sino-Indian trade prospects, Yong said in an interview merchandise trade between the two countries are complementary, the market is very large, and the bilateral friendship and trade cooperation in the general trend is unstoppable. "But we need to put some small noise to handle, so that the bilateral cooperation relations more solid, and pie."

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