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Yiwu trading environment for non-Indian suppliers detained events

Yiwu trading environment for non-Indian suppliers detained events

Recently, the Indian businessmen in Yiwu, Zhejiang Chinese employees of illegal detention case attracted widespread attention because of debt disputes. After the incident, the Indian Embassy issued a warning order to remind the Indian businessmen to do business in Yiwu, there are "dangerous". Response to this incident, the director of the foreign service center in Yiwu Chen Linrui recently accepted an exclusive interview with the station. He said that the local judiciary in accordance with the law handle the case, all the normal business activities of foreign businessmen in Yiwu, the local trading environment has not been the case impact.
Yiwu foreign service center under the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, responsible for the provision of economic and trade services for foreign businessmen in Yiwu, and the mediation of foreign economic disputes. Center Director Chen Linrui said in an interview with reporters, the Indian businessman detained case is purely case.

The Chen Linrui: Indian Businessmen in debt disputes this thing is just a case, not in Yiwu great impact from foreign to reflect the situation, Yiwu is the safest and most suitable business.

It is understood that in recent years, a growing number of Indian businessmen to Yiwu procurement of goods are sold to their home countries. The first quarter of this year, India has more than Iran to become the largest export destination in the Yiwu Market , trade volume reached $ 120 million.

According to Chen Linrui in recent years, Yiwu efforts to carry out foreign trade environmental services, construction, build a good business environment for foreign investors, to attract more foreign trade activities in Yiwu, Yiwu International Trade Center put into use for the business of foreign businessmen in Yiwu "one-stop" service, significantly improve efficiency. He said: "all settled there several major window of the approval of the foreign units to the center of international trade services, including immigration, business, labor, business bureau, civil aviation ticketing, legal advice, life services, information services all in international trade service center 'one stop' complete. "

The Yiwu superior business and policy environment to attract businessmen from all over the world, as many as 14,000 foreign businessmen resident in Yiwu. Businessman from Australia the Clipper years ago came to Yiwu, a trading company in the local business. He believes that the current business environment of foreign businessmen in Yiwu is very good.

Clipper said: "I'm doing business here have never encountered trouble, everything is going well, I think the quality of the product becomes more and more good, packaging is also getting better and better, there are many people from western countries Yiwu business. "

Yiwu customs and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce statistics show that in 2011, Yiwu export containers up to 57 million cases of self-exports of nearly $ 3.6 billion. Yiwu Foreign Services Center Director Chen Linrui pointed out, so

The huge volume of trade, the occurrence of some economic disputes is difficult to avoid. He disclosed that, for local and foreign economic disputes, Yiwu City will establish a foreign-related economic disputes emergency processing mechanism.

Chen Linrui said: "Yiwu is also studying the mechanism of foreign-related emergency treatment of major economic disputes, the formation of the institutionalization of the norm of a is still under discussion, the future it will be long-term fixed."

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