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Expand the African market is the new path of Yiwu International Trade

Expand the African market is the new path of Yiwu International Trade

May 29, Beijing intersection African theme day activities "China-Africa trade in services and Investment Forum" held at the China National Convention Center. Xinhua 08 network reporter an exclusive interview with Speaker of the Forum, the deputy secretary of Yiwu Ge GQ Ms.. Ge GQ said that the African market is becoming a force point Yiwu to expand the international trade map.


Xinhua 08 network Zhaoding She

Ge GQ, organized by the intersection of the first Beijing to provide services to traders of the country and the world of communication, exchange and cooperation platform. Yiwu commodity market is well-known in the world, the exhibition theme of "Yiwu - to build the China-Africa friendship and cooperation platform" is interested in Africa as the development of national trade in Yiwu Market point.

Yiwu on China-Africa economic and trade exchanges with flying colors. Fourth Ministerial Conference of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation held in November 2009, the Chinese Government proposed the establishment of the Africa Products Exhibition Center, October 2010, Africa Products Exhibition Center was officially settled in Yiwu Market . So far, from the 33 companies in 23 countries, admission business. Ge GQ, the world's financial situation is grim, the world's economic growth may slow down in this situation to develop the African market more in line with the new path of development of international trade in Yiwu, or is a new direction.

At present, Africa has become an important sales markets and partners in the Yiwu Market . Beijing intersection Yiwu exhibition panels information, Yiwu and 53 African countries and regional economic and trade exchanges. In 2011, Yiwu export of African goods the amount of $ 2.33 billion, an increase of 12.5%​​; imported goods from Africa, $ 3,392,000, an increase of 101.2%.

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