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Efforts to promote the construction of Yiwu Port Phase II Project

Efforts to promote the construction of Yiwu Port Phase II Project

Mayor He Meihua lead the relevant departments of the person in charge of site supervision Yiwu Port Phase II Project, and noted that the Yiwu to Hong Kong is a comprehensive reform pilot project of the international trade in our city, is an important carrier of international urban construction land in Hong Kong, and to fully promote the Yiwu Port Phase II construction, which have significant economic and social development in the city.

City leaders Sri Lanka Jianmin, Wang Kuiming participated in site supervision.

Yiwu to Hong Kong in October 2011, a project is formally put into use. Warehouse settled 142 business households, office occupancy 103 business households, business space usage reaches 100%. Assigned to companies, including shipping companies, international freight forwarding, foreign trade, logistics, customs clearance, inspection and other industries. In May, Yiwu to Hong Kong an approach traffic volume of about 200,000 trips of 1-5 months, container packing is about 51 000 TEUs.

Yiwu to Hong Kong two total area of ​​656 mu, building area of ​​430,000 square meters, the investment budget of 1.683 billion yuan, including inspection of the site, three warehouses, inspection of the confiscated library and double parking. Yiwu to Hong Kong phase one and two through lanes beneath the integrity Avenue connection. After the completion of the export amount of work to meet the 1.1 million TEUs. Phase II project has been under construction.

Meihua Yiwu to Hong Kong is an important project of the city's two districts and six City building, engineering capacity, short construction period, to give the city the power, common carrier construction of the international land port city. Yiwu to Hong Kong a project has been completed and put into use, in accordance with the plan, the two works as a powerful supplement and functional extension of the need for speeding up the construction. He asked relevant departments to overcome the difficulties, the difficulties, at the conclusion on the basis of an engineering construction experience in Yiwu to Hong Kong, accelerating the second phase of construction, real Yiwu to Hong Kong as a whole functions better and faster play.

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