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440 000 foreign businessmen in Yiwu living

440 000 foreign businessmen in Yiwu living

February 1 this year, two foreign (left, second from left) in Zhejiang Yiwu international trade city , a toy shop orders. Newspaper reporter Tan Jin / photo

Away from the bottom of "International Herald Tribune reporter Zhang Yiwu, Hangzhou

Indian businessmen do not go to Yiwu business - May 21, a business Reminder Notice from the Embassy of India, Yiwu, Zhejiang, once again caught in the whirlpool of international public opinion. This is India's second time this year issued a similar announcement.

A closer look at Yiwu, this local Hometown resident population of less than 700,000 in Zhejiang central town decade, the rapid development of foreign merchants, "World Commodity Capital in China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO). However, so far from the end of last year, a spate of foreign economic events have been directed at inclusive and fair, even questioned the Yiwu local rights protection for foreign businessmen.

From over one hundred countries and regions, people living in Yiwu, what the status of business? Recently, the International Herald Tribune "reporter again visited Yiwu, attempts to outline an overseas businessman in Yiwu, the survival of thumbnails.

Middle East businessmen in Yiwu foreign majority

Ride in the city all the way to walk through all kinds of exotic restaurant is not wide roads on both sides of row upon row.

Arrival at the world's largest commodity market, the front of the crowded trade scene for the image of China's foreign trade window quickly to life - shops sell the same type of plastic ribbons are lined with small differences in a few good aisle, color, width, material, was made into different types of products. Want to purchase toys, plush, plastic, or electric vehicles, and basically every business only designed to do a class. Asked about the jewelry district in lift pointing to: "the man behind the whole building are."

Market this average daily traffic of 210,000 people coming and going of foreign firms have also become a King.

Nicholas from Argentina in one hand and pick a good plastic flowers, the other hand, quickly press the number on the calculator and handed the owner to see. Glance at each other toward the screen, and waves, clear, and press a number, and then handed back, and motioned "no less".

The "OK, OK." Despite the one side stood the temporary employment of foreign employees, but Nicholas seems to prefer the simple English with gestures, and merchants about the price. The price talk given trade Commissioner went on to talk about money and the account of.

Many foreigners coming and going every day, but selling what commodity, what grade, basically you can determine what you're dealing with the countries in which the foreign. "Far Chong Christmas goods company general manager Zhou Ailing said," life encountered the most or the Middle East, crossing the road gap, the side could walk to one, may also be related with their clothing and turbans, well recognized. "

From the the Yiwu official data confirms the the Zhou Ailing feelings. 2010 Yiwu immigration on the number of the top 15 countries and regions, the Middle East occupy the six seats, the top three countries are India, Korea and Iran.

They imagine in the Chinese cities and in foreign eyes, Yiwu's "biological clock" and not the same. In 2011, Yiwu local household population of 640,000, while the foreign resident population of 590,000, the entry of foreign over 440,000 people. Usual business, working people coming from all directions, before the advent of the approaching Christmas, or Spring Festival, and have dispersed.

But when the end of the closed period of 15 days, the market every year in the first month 12 days to open the door orientation. Logistics, catering services, more than 3,000 foreign trade companies ... the whole market around in the short-term hibernation quickly regained consciousness. "Yiwu rhythm step on the market and business opportunities." Bolivian businessman Henry said.

Walk around all the provider bit a year is not enough time

"If there is no market, Yiwu is not as it is today." This is a frequently heard in conversation view.

China's accession to the WTO decade, the size of the Yiwu Market to expand by nearly 10 times that currently operates a total area of ​​4.7 million square meters sold in the market with 1.7 million kinds of single items. According to estimates, in each place for three minutes, according to the calculation of eight hours a day to walk around all the commercial spaces require more than a year.

In order to facilitate the procurement, many of the foreign office set in the market nearby. Come out from the Yiwu Market through the peripheral road, a corner into the six, seven residential buildings, a floor to rent an apartment, have offices or foreign trade companies. Afghan businessman card rain Mu foreign trade companies in the market near a second floor suite.

From 14 years ago for the first time to Yiwu purchasing jewelry, construction materials shipped back to Afghanistan, and now employ eight employees resident Yiwu procurement, card Rain Mu said, Yiwu commodities in his home "very well". Today, he is still home to employ more than 100 workers, is responsible for sales and materials processing. He said 70 percent of Afghanistan jewelry are all Chinese goods a week to do business in Yiwu, more than 500 round-trip Afghan businessman.

"I took out fellow, and even visas, business license Shoubashoujiao to." Card Rain Mu said, "I'm two-thirds of a year in China, the children studying in Shanghai, learning is international trade. I have a sense of security, but also making money, the children will like me, doing business in China. "

Yiwu Market , like a disk, so many traders every day around it, according to the country and the nation, some neighborhoods are gradually formed. For example, the well-known local Red House Hotel in Yiwu Yiwu Arabs first base, is still home to more than 200 merchants in the Middle East, operates dozens of foreign trade companies.

Some foreign investors say they see is the manufacturing capacity in China Commodity, Yiwu Market , bring a wealth of upstream and downstream products. Korean Park St. law to Yiwu for eight years, he has invited designers to do the design in the company of a 20-minute walk away from the commodity market. Scarves, belts sample well, to get the market to find the merchant order. Products directly to enter the United States for the young supermarket chain "Forever 21" OEM needs a total of two months from the production to the OTC.

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