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2012 Guangzhou Fastener Trade Show

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2012 Guangzhou Fastener Trade Show

About 2012 Guangzhou Fastener Trade Show

Organizer: China Fastener Info (www.chinaFastener.biz, www.chinaFastener.info)
Supporting Organizations: China Productivity Center for Machinery, National Fasteners Standardization Technical Committee, China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Standard Parts, etc.
Official Publications: Fastener Quarterly Magazine, China Fastener Directory
Supporting Media: Fastener Technology International, Global Fastener News, Fasteners Adhesives, Tools, and …, The Fastening Journal, Industrial Fasteners Review, The Kinzoku Sangyo Simbunsha Press, Fastener EurAsia, Bulonero, etc.

Exhibit Products:
1. Fasteners
Bolts, studs, nuts, screws, washers, wood screws, tapping screws, pins, rivets, retaining rings, assembly parts & connections, weld screws, and non-standard fasteners
2. Equipment
Molding equipment: Cold headers, cold extrusion machines, heading machines, nail-making machines, etc.
Thread forming machines: Thread rolling machines, screw rolling machines, threading machines, etc.
Heat-treating facilities: Industrial furnaces, hardening and tempering lines, high-intermediate-frequency induction heating equipment, material annealing furnaces, etc.
Surface treating equipment: Phosphating lines, oxidation oxidating lines, galvanizing lines, Dacromet coating lines, etc.
Auxiliary equipment: grinding machines, slotters, vibrating disks, marking machines, etc
Testing equipment and devices: hardmeters, tension and compression testers, microscopes, etc.
3. Tools & Molds
Bolt moulds: stock-cutting molds, upper molds (passing punch molds, precise punch dies, cut-off dies, etc), lower dies (cold heading female dies, reducing dies, thimbles, etc.)
Nut moulds: stock-cutting molds, punch pins, punching dies, forming female dies, thimbles, etc
Thread forming tools: thread rolling cylindrical dies, flat dies, screw taps, etc.
4. Surface Treatment
Surface Treatment Technology: Plating, brunofixing, heat treating, hot dipping galvanizing, phosphating, mechanical galvanizing, Dacromet coating
Auxiliary materials: brighteners, cleaning agents, rust inhibitors, degreasers
5. Raw Materials
Medium carbon steel, low carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel alloy (including wires, rods, plates, tubes and pipes, etc.)

Visitor Analysis
End-users from auto, electronics & electrical appliance, construction, machinery, hardware and other industries; domestic fastener manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, importers & exporters, buyers from representative offices in China and all over the world, media, associations and organizations.


2012 Guangzhou Fastener Trade Show

   Date:  2017.11.11-11.14 Venue:  Poly World Trade Center