Chimelong Paradise

Located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, 30mins from the heart of Guangzhou City , Chimelong Paradise is one of the largest theme parks in China and is now recognized internationally.
Opened in 2006, its designs and techniques are ranked on top in the world. Eight of its items are reputed as the best in Asia and the world. "The uprightness roller coaster" is named as the top one roller coaster in the world which is popular among the tourists; "the 10-looped roller coaster" is recorded in Guiness Book; "the Motor roller coaster" is the first in the east; "the U-shaped slide board" is also the largest in Asia; it also stages the world's largest water stunt show with an international cast of top stunt men and women. There are rides to scare even the biggest thrill seekers, an indoor Childrens ride entertainment area the largest of its kind in China, and a water world section where you are guaranteed to get wet. Chimelong Paradise is a nice place for young people and kids to enjoy the exciting of the life; it is also a place for families to have fun!

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