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Why choose EJET,not the factory directly?

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Why choose EJET,not the factory directly?

We usually charge 3% of the total value as our commission for all the service we provide to help you import goods from China.

Why our customer chooses us, not from the factories directly to save the 3% commission?
We aim to create values for our customer, We help our customer to get better price, control the risk and save the time to import from China. We believe that we can create more than 3% values for our customer through our service

  • We can provide directly or find good suppliers in China with better price through our network. We can also export to you without the tax. So you can get the price from the factories without tax. We are Chinese company. It's also more easier for us to negotiate the price for our customer.
  • We help our customer to control the risk of importing from China.
    a) Before our customer send the deposit to the supplier, we will check the factory's existence and its credit to guarantee it's not a scammer. The direct factory or agent!
    b) During the producing. We will follow up the goods to make sure it's delivery on time. And keep update to our customer if there are any changes. We go to the factory to inspect the goods.
    c) After the goods get ready, We will inspect the Quality, Quantity, packing and all the other issues to make sure that all are according your requirement before delivery. And send our customer inspection report.
  • Our work helps you save much precious time and energy and make all the deal much easier. We will follow up the orders, inspect the goods, arrange all the shipping documents issues and all the other works for our customer. We do all the rest Job for our customer. For our customer, Importing from China is very easy!
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  • What Can We Do?
  • We can provide all the service you need to export from China. Such as: Buying Agent, Pick up , Shipping Arrangment , Purchasing Accompany , Inspection & Quality Control, Warehousing , Discount Hotel Reservation, Ranslate & Guide Service , Free Sourcing Service , Customs agent. [For more informattion click here]