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Who should come to Yiwu?

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Who should come to Yiwu?

Yiwu offers one-stop solution to the wholesalers and supermarket owners. It is the hot-spot for the ones dealing into small commodities. Many retail giants in the world source their products fromYiwu international commodity market based in China.

As the market provides millions of products such as toys, cosmetics, stationary, apparels, fire places etc, it is best suited for wholesalers, retailers, provisional stores or supermarket owners. Commodities are sold here at a very low price that allows hefty margins. Quality products especially, day-to-day necessaries are available just for a song. Businessmen from all over the world come to the city to get different articles as they earn huge margin on Yiwu products . Most of the products at Yiwu Market can be sold at your own store at least 8 times of their buying price. Price of small commodities such as clips, bands, etc. is so less that one can easily cash in on it. Bargains and Low price ensure a lot of profit. In addition to cost, vast variety of products helps you crack the best deals.

People who have their own distributing channels show keen interest in purchasing from Yiwu. If you buy products in bulk, this is the right place for you. There is fixed minimum quantity of products that one has to buy. That’s why wholesalers and distributors are most likely to come here. As the market accommodates millions of products, many people come to explore new opportunities.


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