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where is yiwu market?

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where is yiwu market?

Yiwu  market is located in the central region of Zhejiang Province, with operating area of 4 million square meters. It is comprised of International trade mart for many external form buy Yiwu Market , Huangyuan Market, Binwang market clusters, with about 620,000 business units and above 200,000 practitioners. It accommodates above 200,000 passengers per day, and could be regarded as an international commodity circulation, information exchange and showing Center. Also, it is China’s largest small commodities export base. In 2005, it was valued as “the biggest commodity wholesale market in the world” by U.N.,World Bank and Morgan Stanley. In 2007, its annual turnover have reached RMB34,837 billions, and have hold national top industrial commodity wholesale market for 17 years in succession.    
China commodity market is an international commodity distribution and showing centre. Its business include handcrafts, accessories, toys, luggage, hardware, electronic products, stationery & sporting goods, cosmetics, watches & glasses, non -staple food, household articles, socks, belts and cotton textile etc. totally 16 sectors, 4202 categories, 33217 sub-categories and up to 1,700,000 commodities. Meanwhile, it opened the imported commodity exhibition shop such as South Korea shop, Japan shop, Brazil shop, Spain shop and Africa shop, with thousands commodities from above 30 counties and regions all over the world, thus enjoy the reputation “Ocean of the commodities, and heaven of the consumers”   a China commodity market is onestop international trading platform. It is supported by customs offices and international transportation logistics center, and 12 out of world top 20 sea transportation companies have opened their offices here. Since 2005, above 400,000 containers of commodities have been exported from this market to 215 countries and regions, accounting for 60% of the total sales. The market has embraced above 1900 foreign companies ’offices with above 10,000 foreign residents. The U.N. Refugee Agency and lots of foreign affair ministries have set their sourcing centers in Yiwu City . In 2006, The Ministry of Commerce of PRC announced Yiwu China commodities index, which then become price drogue and industry barometer of the world commodity trade    
      China commodity market  is one of the most informationized and modernest commodity wholesale markets in China, it practice the star-rated hotel management with excellent service. The market is equipped with central air-conditioner, internet, touchscreen guidance, solar power and huge three-dimension vehicles, also it is supported by on-step services like modern logistics, electronic commerce, international trade, financial settlement, shopping & tourism and leisure & catering. Yiwu international trade mart is graded as the first national AAAA tourism and shopping scenic spot and the one of the top 50 recommended scenic spots in Zhejiang province. It is awarded “Value the quality and standing by reputation” market by the state quality inspection and quarantine bureau, and “honor the contract and standing by reputation market ”and “National credit supervision model market” by State Administration for industry and commerce of PRC.

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