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What are Guangzhou cuisine specialties?

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What are Guangzhou cuisine specialties?

Cantonese specialties are Roast Suckling Pig (Kao Ru zhu), soup, porridges, dim sums, etc.

Dining Tips:
1. Guangzhou people are famous for their daring heart and mouth to eat everything that eatable or even uneatable in normal sense. You'd better make sure what the original meat is before you order. As you know, Cantonese love to eat the strong animals to strengthen their body like the snake, the wild dogs, wild cats, etc especially in winter day.

2. Be prepared to see one or two funny strange dish names on a restaurant's English menu. Like "Show me", for example, is actually a wheaten food with meat stuff.

3. Better prepare some handy medications for allergies/aspirin/upset stomach/diarrhea if you are not sure about the Chinese medicines.


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