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How will you do the inspection? Or Can you explain your quality control process to us?

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How will you do the inspection? Or Can you explain your quality control process to us?

We have three styles of the inspection. Pre-production Inspection ( Supplier Audit). On-Production Inspection.  Final- Inspection. We have special Inspection team more than 5 Person.  Because we know the quality control is the most important part of our job to help our custom control the risks buying from China.

Mostly. Our customer only require the Final Production inspection. We will send you the inspection report after we pick up the goods in our warehouse. and we will make sure the quality. quantity. Packing , Delivery time. are all accordingly your requirement.  and we can will do the pre-production. On-production inspection if necessary.

If there any difference.  We will let you know. and you can decide to cancel the orders or let the supplier re do the order.

And we also have detailed terms and conditions on the purchase contract to protect ourselves. You know.  Some supplier in Yiwu is not good.  We have the special lawyer consultant.  If any of the supplier mistake. we will disucss with them first. and find proper way to solve the problem and protect our customers benefit!

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