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Is it safe to travel in Guangzhou?

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Is it safe to travel in Guangzhou?

It is generally safe in Guangzhou. The frequent problem that tourists confront is the pick pocket thieves. Keep alert all the time when you are in packed places like the train station where the thieves blend in the passengers flows.

1. Try to wear your bag in front. Keep wallet in your bags and put some small changes in the easily accessible place like your bag's side pocket or pant pockets to avoid flashing your wallets unnecessarily.

2. Avoid walking phoning. If you do have urgent call to make or answer, try to find a place like the wall behind you to avoid the thieves to snatch from your back.

3. Do some caution work when you take the overnight train, it is better to keep the valuable items inside your clothing. To enable you can wake up easily when necessary, sleep aids like sleeping pills, earplugs are not advised.

4. Ignore the touts that approach you and try to get you to somewhere when you come out /to the train stations, bus stations or borders.

5. Better to go to big shops or restaurants or hotel lobby to get your orientation if you loss your way.

6. Get the Xerox copy of your passport and your Chinese visa to avoid the trouble of steal loss and respond the police's check.

7. Write down or print out on paper the name and address of your destination and hotel in Chinese characters since majority of the driver speak Mandarin or Cantonese rather than English.

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