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How to get to Yiwu from Shantou?

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How to get to Yiwu from Shantou?

Shantou is located in coastal eastern Guangdong in china. The port city is one of the original Special Economic Zones (SEZ) of China and is still an important economic centre of Guangdong. The city is well-known for toy industry. Below is how one can get to Yiwu from Shantou.


There is one flight from Shantou to Yiwu. It runs only on weekdays. It usually departs Shantou at 08:30 and arrives at Yiwu at 09:45. Airfare is around 830 RMB, and 50 RMB more for tax. If you can book tickets 4 weeks prior to your journey, you can avail around 70% off on tickets i.e. you can buy it for just 250 CNY.


There is no direct trail from Shantou to Yiwu. The city is very near to Guangzhou. Many trains leave Guangzhou to Yiwu City every day. So if you are planning to take a train to Yiwu, you have to come to Guangzhou first from Shantou airport.


There are several inter-province buses that run from Shantou to Yiwu every day. They usually leave in the afternoon and arrive at Yiwu in the next early morning. It can take up to 17 or 18 hours, and the price is around RMB 330.

From Yiwu, one can take a cab to get to the hotel. Taxi Fare from Yiwu airport and railway station to the main city is as below:

•From Yiwu airport : 35 RMB 50 RMB
•From Yiwu railway station: 30 RMB 50 RMB
Cab fares are likely to change as per the distance to any given destination.

We also provide free-of-cost pick up service to our customers from Yiwu airport and Yiwu railway station.

For more information, please contact us.

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