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How to go to Yiwu from Guangzhou?

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How to go to Yiwu from Guangzhou?

Guangzhou, also known as Canton, is located in southern China. It is the biggest city of Guangdong and is renowned as an international trade and business city. Many visitors come to exploreinternational trade fairs in both Guangdong and Yiwu. Combining your trip to both the cities during fairs is a good idea as commutating between Guangzhou and Yiwu is quite easy.


There are 5-6 flights from Guangzhou to Yiwu. Though, scheduled departures may change time-to-time, these flights usually depart at 09:30, 11:20, 14:35, 16:10, 19:45 and 21:30 everyday from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Yiwu airport . It takes around 2 hours to reach Yiwu from Guangzhou by plane. Airfare is 1,100 RMB, however one can avail good discounts on advance booking.


There are various trains from Guangzhou to Yiwu. These are air-conditioned and very comfortable trains. It is usually an overnight journey and takes approximately 17 hours to reach Yiwu from Guangzhou by train. There is a provision for hard and soft berths on extra payment.


There are several inter-province buses from Guangzhou to Yiwu. These buses run everyday from various bus terminals in Yiwu City . It is an overnight journey of 12-13 hours. The fare is around RMB 300. Buses should be considered as the last option as some of the buses drop you off by the high way to Yiwu and do not come into the main city. From the outer part of Yiwu, you would then be required to take a cab.


•From Yiwu airport : 35 RMB – 50 RMB
•From Yiwu railway station: 30 RMB – 50 RMB
Note: Taxi fares may vary as per the location of the hotel.

We also provide free pick-up service to our customers from Yiwu airport and Yiwu railway station.

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