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How to get to Yiwu from the Shanghai South Railway Station?

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How to get to Yiwu from the Shanghai South Railway Station?

After you reach Shanghai Pudong Airport, you could take the direct bus at the airport, Line 7, to the South Railway Station. There is non-stop and the ticket price is 20RMB. It takes you around 1 hour from the airport to the railway station. The first one is at 7:50 and the last one is at 23:00, and the interval between two buses is 20 minutes.

By bus:
1) It may be a little difficult to buy the ticket for the high speed trains on weekends, so if it was not workable, I advise you come to Yiwu by bus and it will take maybe 4 to 5 hours to reach here.
Following are the departing times of the bus from Shanghai Coach Terminal to Yiwu Binwang Passenger Transport Center:
8:30 113RMB; 9:40 85RMB; 11:30 114RMB; 13:00 94RMB; 14:20 94RMB; 15:50 114RMB; 16:30 94RMB; 17:50 114RMB
2) How to get to the Shanghai Coach Terminal from the Shanghai South Railway Station:
After you check there is no fast speed train from Yiwu to Shanghai , you could take the Subway Line 3 from the Shanghai South Railway Station to the Shanghai Coach Terminal.

By taxi:
We could arrange a taxi to pick you up from the Shanghai Pudong Airport to Yiwu and the fee is RMB 800.

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