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How to get good price?

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How to get good price?

Price of the products is already very low in Yiwu. However, people are still keen on to buy products at even lower prices. It is surely possible if you are a bit careful about a few things while purchasing from Yiwu China . Below is how one can get a good price from Yiwu Market .


Dipping is an increase in the price of products by your agent. Vendor usually asks the agent how to quote the price and surely there would be mention of dipping. In Chinese it is called Dian (pronounced as d-ee-an). It is like commission and vendors usually hike price by 1%. This is how Yiwu Market works.

So if there is a mention of this word when the vendor and the agent are having a conversation, you must say No Dian. It will surely be a shock to your agent. Indeed knowledge of some basic numbers in local language is of help. So here are numbers from 0 to 10 as pronounced in Chinese language: ling, yee, er, san, s, wu, liu, chi, ba, jiu, sh.


The more the better holds true in Yiwu. If you are planning to buy small quantity of any given product, there is hardly any scope for bargain. Whereas, on buying products in bulk can be very beneficial as you can avail heavy discounts on bulk buying.

For example, if you buy one container of straws, you may get a 3% discount on it. However, on the purchase of a few cartons there would be very limited space for bargain.


Pay off the balance while collecting your orders. Many suppliers are willing to offer a slight discount if you can pay off the balance upon goods delivery as they don’t need to keep big cash flow.


Always compare the price of products at various shops. Yiwu is a huge market and there are over thousands of suppliers here. Evidently, there is a tough competition that leads to good bargains and discounts. If you have enough time, make sure you visit at least ten shops for the same product and you are very likely to get lucky with the lowest ever price.

Always keep the above-mentioned points in mind to get the best price from Yiwu Market .
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