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How to get around Guangzhou?

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How to get around Guangzhou?

How to get around Guangzhou?
•By Subway
Subway ticket costs CNY 2-8 and subway cards can be conveniently bought at ticket vending machines.
•By Bus
Local buses reach everywhere and mostly prices from CNY 1-2.
•By Taxi
Guangzhou taxis start from CNY 7 for the first 2.3 kilometers (1.4 miles), and CNY 2.6 for each additional kilometer.
Tips for taxi:
1. It is advised to get a receipt each time you use a taxi for later contact reference in the case like dispute a fare, recover a lost article, etc.

2. 7:30-8:45am and 4:30-7:00pm are the taxi shifting time and the taxi driver may refuse or only carry the passengers whose route coincides with their.

3. It is easy to meet over-enthusiastic taxi drivers that jostling to try to grab your luggage and drag to their cars and better avoid taking theirs. Make sure the driver starts the meter. If they refuse, you can just get out and take the next taxi.

4. If possible, pay exact or small money to avoid getting a fake CNY 50 back or a fake CNY100 swopped by the driver. Or try to remember the last 4 digits of your big notes when you pay the taxi fare so that you can make sure whether it is really your money when he returns and claims it's fake.

5. Write down or print out on paper the name and address of your destination and hotel in Chinese characters or you can mark your destination on a map since majority of the driver cannot speak English.


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