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How to arrange the shipment?

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How to arrange the shipment?

There are two ways to ship products from Yiwu City to any given destination. One way is to ship by full container load and the other is to ship by less than container load as mentioned below.

Ship by FCL (full container load) from Yiwu

Most of the buyers like to ship by FCL as it’s relatively cheaper and secure. Once the products are delivered at the warehouse, the container can be loaded and shipped. It can be opened at the destination port or your own warehouse.

Most of the buyers hire a trading agent for shipping products as it is very convenient. Trading agents know well how to arrange the shipment. They will collect goods, do quality check, provide warehouse/load men, arrange customs declaration, prepare documents and follow up the whole process.

To fill the container, there are a number of products available in Yiwu Market . Some cartons can easily fill up a 20 feet (28 cubic meter), if not a 40 feet container. The easiest way is to fill some disposable foam food containers to fill up the extra space. It costs only around 45 USD/cubic meter. These foam containers are very light and can also be used to protect your expensive products.

It is important to know the procedure of customs clearance at your destination port. Customs agents at your port can help in clearance and handling.

Ship by LCL (less than container load) from Yiwu:

LCL is better in case there is less than 15 CBM. If it is more than 15 CBM, opt for a 20 feet container. The process is more or less the same as shipping by FCL, but you must put a mark on each carton. It’s really cheap to ship this way out from Yiwu, but the handling charges at the destination ports are usually very high.

We also provide shipment service and if you have further questions, kindly contact us freely

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