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    YiWu Market Overview
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    Up Time:2012-2-22
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    Dear Sirs ,now pls follow our market guide to go to Yiwu markets to have a quick look,at the same time pls check the product you need
    I Yiwu Huangyuan market including
    1.Socks & Stocking market,about 3000 booths
    2.Underwear market,about 200 booths
    3.Scarfs & Gloves market,about 1500 booths
    4.2 Daily-use markets,about 2000 booths
    5.Shoe market,about 500 booths
    II Yiwu Binwang market including
    1.Garments market,about 1000 booths
    2.Towel market,about 200 booths
    3.Necktie market,about 200 booths
    4.Bedding market,about 300 booths
    5. food ^^and^^ beverage, about 300 booths
    III Futian market first phase including
    1.Arts ^^and^^ Crafts market about 2000 booths
    2.Artifical flowers & garden decoration market,about 1000 booths
    3.Toy market,about 6000 booths
    4.Imitation jewelry & hair ornament market,about 7000 booths
    5.Christams items market ,about 500 booths
    6.Gife market ,about 500 booths
    7.Photo frame & picture frame market,about 500 shops
    8.Jewelry accessory market about 200 boths
    IV Futian market second? phase including
    1.Glasses Market,about 200 booths
    2.Stationery market,about 3000 booths
    3.Bags & suitecase market,about 2000 booths
    4.Cosmetic market,about 800 booths
    5.Lighter & shaver market,about 300 booths
    6.Hardware & h^^and^^tool market,about 2000 booths
    7.Electric & electronic,about 1000 booths
    8.Kitchenware market,about 300 booths
    9.Clock & watch market,about 400 booths
    10.Raincoat & umbrella market,about 400 booths
    11.Sports ^^and^^ Entertainments market ,about 400 booths

    V Special business steets including
    1.Zipper steet,about 300 booths
    3.Auto accessory street,about 300 booths
    4.imitation jewellery street,about 400 booths
    5.Arts ^^and^^ Crafts street ,about 300 booths
    6.lighter street, about 300 booths
    7.Plastic items street ,about 100 booths
    8.Picture ^^and^^ Photo frame steets ,about 200 booths

    Now we have complete the seeing of all the market in short time because in? Yiwu there is very Convenient traffic,so one market ^^and^^ the next one by taxi only 10 or 15 min is enough.

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      Come From:China (mainland)
      Up Time:2012-2-22
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