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    Yiwu Food Streets
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    Since Yiwu is located in central Zhejiang Province, its dishes have slight Zhejiang flavor. These easy-to-prepare dishes are delicious, crisp ^^and^^ tender. There are varieties of local snacks that have a long history. Fotang boiled mutton, Shangxi beef offal, immortal chicken (chicken steamed with liquor), Dongtang dog meat, Chi’an stuffed-bun, Donghe meat cake, Yiwu pulled noodles ^^and^^ Yiwu brown sugar are the well-known dishes in Yiwu.

    You can also get to taste international cuisines in Yiwu. For example, the restaurant with Harbin ^^and^^ Korean cuisine on west Chouzhou road ^^and^^ another restaurant serving western cuisine ^^and^^ Chongqing hotpot on Gongren road etc. These restaurants not only add extra flavor to the dinning market in Yiwu, but also make local dishes famous.

    Yiwu Food Streets

    Yiwu West Gate Food Street: On the West Gate Street ^^and^^ the area nearby, there are many restaurants with various characteristics, especially those restaurants of Sichuan cuisine but mixed with some local features. Hot ^^and^^ spicy lobster, bean curd with odor, neck of duck etc are the feature dishes there.
    Transportation: Bus No. 9, 23

    Yiwu Seafood Street: The street locates in an old ^^and^^ hidden lane, ^^and^^ near to the Renmin Square. More than 10 seafood restaurants are opened in this lane. Many of these restaurants put two big stainless pots at the doorway. In the pots, the red oily soup are boiling. The soup in one pot is slight spicy ^^and^^ the other one is heavy spicy. Most of the restaurants on this street open from 10:00 am to the midnight. The street is about 200 meters long. When it is the dinner time, every restaurant is full of customers, ^^and^^ there are also many customers waiting outside.
    Transportation: Bus No, 8, 206

    Yiwu Huagong Food Street: Huagong Road in Yiwu is the local snacks street. Along the road, local specialties can be found everywhere, such as the grilled dumpling, steamed chicken wings, Donghe meat cake ^^and^^ so on.
    Transportation: Bus No. 122

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