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    Yiwu Food - What ^^and^^ Where to eat in Yiwu
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    Since Yiwu is located in central Zhejiang Province, its dishes have slight Zhejiang flavor. These easy-to-prepare dishes are delicious, crisp ^^and^^ tender. There are varieties of local snacks that have a long history. Fotang boiled mutton, Shangxi beef offal, immortal chicken (chicken steamed with liquor), Dongtang dog meat, Chi’an stuffed-bun, Donghe meat cake, Yiwu pulled noodles ^^and^^ Yiwu brown sugar are the well-known dishes in Yiwu.

    You can also get to taste international cuisines in Yiwu. For example, the restaurant with Harbin ^^and^^ Korean cuisine on west Chouzhou road ^^and^^ another restaurant serving western cuisine ^^and^^ Chongqing hotpot on Gongren road etc. These restaurants not only add extra flavor to the dinning market in Yiwu, but also make local dishes famous.

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